Best Sports Villages

Best Sports Villages

Best Sports Villages in the World


Reaching the top of your sporting game is never an easy thing. World class athletes must be prepared for training daily and undertake lengthy training camps.  If you are hoping to become someone who can compete on the global stage, you will need to be looking at this sort of training provision.  Here are some of the best sports villages in the world offering a range of training in many different sports, with world-class coaches and often a talent scout or two hanging around.


Cardiff International Sports Village


Located in the UK and featuring an Olympic standard swimming pool and many other first-class training facilities this is an excellent facility where you can stay and hone your skills. The ice arena features ice hockey training and is home to the Cardiff Devils who compete in the British Elite Ice Hockey Leagues.  There is also an Olympic standard white water rafting set up which is a rare find but very necessary for those hoping to compete professionally in such water sports.


The Sports Village – Toronto


A vast complete which offers a diverse selection of sports and some pretty fantastic facilities.  You might well be expecting ice rinks but may be surprised to learn they also have an impressive set up for beach volleyball.  With a range of sports camps with top named tutors, this is a great place to get some more skills.  Ice hockey camps are very popular, and the accommodation and onsite facilities are first rate.



AIS Athletes Village


In Australia, you will find the home of the professional athlete. There is a range of sports coaching options, and this facility was once home to some of the nations biggest named sportspeople including Lauren Jackson, Michael Klim and Patty Mills. Their facilities are first rate and the accommodation and training camps are well organised and offer coaching from experienced coaches.


Aberdeen Sports Village


Back in the UK, this time near the top we find the Aberdeen Sports Village.  Again this is a chance to stay and immerse yourself totally in your sport of choice.  With squash course, outdoor athletics and hockey pitches there are plenty of facilities on offer.  The site boasts their ability to meet the needs of the elite athlete and the reports suggest that this is certainly true.


The boot camp approach to sports training has undoubtedly gained in popularity, and it does seem to be the best way to position yourself to get yourself known in your field.  Spending time in the sports villages means you are free from distractions and can focus on intensive training sessions to hone and develop your skills.  There are many other sports villages located around the globe, many offering specific sports coaching, so it is well worth doing some research to see which village ranks top of the game for your sport.  Many sports villages are used as athletes accommodation during events like the Olympic games, which is why for example, Cardiff has so many Olympic standard facilities – making well worth a visit.



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