Do you want to know about 5 of the best recreational sports?

Do you want to know about 5 of the best recreational sports?


Sports and exercises are considered as the best way to improve the fitness level. Exercises can be boring but sports are never boring. They fill you with energy and whilst provide you good physical and mental health. However, you can turn it into exercise and improve your fitness. There are many good outdoor sports that you can turn into exercise. Do you know about those sports? If no then here you will learn about some of those. All those sports will provide you good endurance and build strength while keeping your body fit by burning excess of body calorie and fat.

5 of the best recreational sports

Cross-country skiing

This winter outdoor sport is a good combination of hiking and skiing. It is equivalent to aerobic workout because of the natural motion included in this recreational sport. Your core and legs, back, chest and other body parts are well incorporated in the motion which results in burning about 600- 900 calories/hr. so, get ready with the equipment and go on cross-country skiing with your friends. If you don’t know anything about it then considers taking an instructor with you for getting complete help while skiing.


The best recreational activity and classic outdoor sport is running that are considered as best for muscular fitness, burning calories, building stamina and endurance.  You can do this activity along with your friends and family and burn the good amount of calories and body fat. Moreover, unlike other activities where you will be requiring equipment and training no such things are required in running. If you run with a speed of 8mph then you can burn 1,000 calories and more in an hour. You can also do intense running by combining it with running on trails and hills.


Cycling is a complete activity for getting good fitness. Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and balance of the body. Moreover, cycling on off-road trails in mountain or forests is the good exercise for your body. It can burn around 400 calories of your body in an hour.


One of the best recreational activities and outdoor sports is backpacking. Simply pack your bag and go on hiking trips. One can prefer going on short hiking trips or a day-long trip depending upon their interest and capacity. No matter whether you go on the short trip or long trip you will be able to burn significant calories through this great outdoor sport. If you go for backpacking for just an hour then you can burn up to 700 of calories per hour. It will also improve your stamina and body strength. So, pack your bag and get ready for it.


Swimming is a top outdoor sport that is known as a total body workout. Whether you do aqua aerobics style swimming or freestyle swimming in the local lake or outdoor pool you can burn 700 calories per hour. It is also a good alternative to running. So, if you don’t want to go outside and run then swimming is the best option.

All these 5 sports are the best recreational activities to improve body strength and endurance.





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